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Farm BBQ and Dancing at Ridge to Reef Farm Planned for Saturday, April 23


All are invited to visit the Ridge to Reef Farm at the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute to dance, eat and celebrate local food on the farm. There will be live music and dancing. Those who come early may take a self-guided tour of the farm with a tour map. Food and music will start between 5:30-6 p.m. Admission will be $5-10 (sliding scale, i.e., pay what you can for the band. There will be a $20 donation for BBQ plate R2R own organic farm fresh sides (vegetarian options). Bring a blanket or folding chair and a flashlight, and BYOB.
Help us celebrate the harvest of the cool season. There will be a feast for vegetarians and omnivores alike, full of local meats, fruits and vegetables from R2R farm and other island farmers. Participants should bring their own cooler, ice, cups and favorite beverages. The farm will provide the food, plates and cutlery.
This time, the guest BBQ-master Pablo will be doing a modern rotisserie version of a truly Caribbean style, over-the-coals. We did a little research its history: "The Taino (indigenous people of St. Croix and Greater Antilles) say the word barbecue comes from the Taino language. "Ba" from Baba (father), "Ra" from Yara (place) "Bi" from Bibi (beginning) "Cu" from Guacu (the sacred fire). Or, "The beginning place of the sacred fire father." they further explained that, "Taino Barabicoa" means "The stick stand with four legs and many sticks of wood on top to place the cooking meat." And that, "Taino Barabicu" means "the sacred fire pit." Research also shows it was placed amid village gardens to also serve as a stand to hunt and ward away crop eating animals. Then, and today, it is a good way to celebrate the island and the season’s bountiful harvest.
It is suggested that travelers come up the freshly paved Creque Dam Road from Frederiksted by the waterfalls. Go to Sprat Hall on the west coast and follow Ridge to Reef Farm signs 2.7 miles to the Creque Dam Farm sign at the metal gate on the left (this is after Mt. Victory). Pass through the gate and follow the dirt road a 1/2 mile to the VISFI Community Center. There will be someone there to help people find a parking spot. There will be a place to donate for the dinner plate and ticket to the show. Then find a spot on the lawn to relax and join the celebration.
Feel free to share this message with friends. RSVP by e-mail or through the on-lone produce site, www.vi.locallygrown.net. Or just show up.


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