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Fahrenheit 451?


Dear Source:
While camping this Easter weekend, I overheard a conversation between a grand mother and her grandson, and he was telling her that he brought a book to read, that he had to report on for a grade. The book he was reading Fahrenheit 451 (there is a movie version), written by Ray Bradbury in 1951, the original title of the book was Fireman, which he later changed after learning from firemen that paper burns at 451 degrees.
The plot of the book is the Government Fire Department is mandated to publicly burn all Books and written materials. The reason was to eliminated independent thinking, so that the people would have access to information only through Government controlled electronic broadcasting, which was required listening.
I have had a festering concern about the campaigning for Paperless information, which in the same reality, to me, is the elimination of Books and at best the limited access to Books, leaving everyone to rely only on electronic broadcasting, which would be under the control of Governments and Corporations.
I am no Tree Hugger, but as an environmentalist I do believe in recycling and reusing. Just considering some major issues that were faced camping: power, rechargeable batteries, sea water, rain, sand, and the phone and internet reception was often unavailable. These are some of the same issues that would exist if the Dept. of Education were to move forward with an e book curriculum, in addition to damage, lost and theft of these units It was also pointed out to me that with a magnet, someone could erase all data on these wireless electronic devices.
Another pointed made was that history shows, when there was change introduced that there were and will always be those speaking out in opposition, yet the change happened,ex: electricity, radio, phone, auto, plane, etc. Yes, like all of these changes that we take for granted are still not available for the larger world population and will not be in the near future.
I am not buying into this Paperless / Book less advertising, what I would buy into is purchasing failing Newspaper / Magazine / Book Publishing companies. Our History has to be written, rewritten and illustrated from Our Perspective. There is a big World market out there that needs access to a New Truth. This will not happen if it is left up to the Prejudice, Mind Controlling, Self-Interest for Profit Entities.
There has been that racist expression made, "If you wanted to hide some information from a Negro put it into a Book". Paperless Information would allow controlling what is being broadcasted, and when ready all that would have to be done is to just pull the plug.
I am not condemning technology, but expressing that it is not the cure all. I believe to deal with today’s literacy problem is to put a Book in a kid’s hands from young, to start, written and illustrated by them or their peers, not an expensive, vulnerable, electronic device that requires maintenance.
Knowledge cannot be given, it has to be earned, once earned it cannot be taken away.
Read for yourself,
Ivan Butcher II
St.Croix, US Virgin Islands


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