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Sisterhood Agenda Observes National Women’s Health Week on St. John


Sisterhood Agenda will implement Sisters: Healthy and Empowered (SHE) weight control and wellness system in celebration of National Women’s Health Week, Monday, May 9, through Friday, May 13. Each day of the week, Sisterhood Agenda will provide SHE activities and health information, and coordinate fitness demonstrations specifically for residents on St. John.
Local food markets like Starfish Market and Deli Grotto will promote healthy eating habits by donating lunch items each day. Local disc jockey DJ Percy will play every day of the event while local fitness experts such as Liz Putnam, Earl Thomas, and Keryn C. Bryan demonstrate activities like dance, women’s self-defense, and pilates.
Sponsored by the Federal Office on Women’s Health, residents on St. John are targeted due to lack of fitness centers and gyms on the island, health risk factors and high rates of obesity or being overweight.
“Sisterhood Agenda is here to empower women and girls in the Virgin Islands, and we have to address the disproportionate number of us who are having health difficulties such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke,” said Angela D. Coleman, Sisterhood Agenda president. “We see it in our families, but we can prevent many of these issues if we make healthy food choices and get fit.”
SHE will hold a dance finale on Friday, May 13. All activities will take place at the Virgin Islands National Park field from 12:30-1:30 p.m., May 9-13.

Sisterhood Agenda’s mission is to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls with an emphasis on those identified as “at-risk.” Addressing the health, social, cultural and economic issues of this population, it promotes empowerment through sisterhood, self-knowledge, self-development and self-esteem.


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