Results Given for Rotary Sunrise Kids Triathlon


Following are the final results of all participants in the Rotary Sunrise Kids Triathlon.

Age 5-8, Individual Male
Taber Helton (7:44) VIMSIA
Teagan Kappel (8:22) VIMSIA
Tristan Feddersen (8:44) Antilles
Elijah Hood (8:57) Joseph Sibilly Elementary
Christian Belcher (8:59) Antilles
Lennon Richman (9:10) VIMSIA
Diego Villegas (10:06) Antilles
Adrian Turbe (10:25)Home Schooled
Shyne Hood (11:17) Joseph Sibilly Elementary
Anthony Carty (11:37) Ulla Muller
Kendon Ryan (12:09) Antilles
Sam Gurlea (12:25) VIMSIA
Eduardo Febres (12:36) Sts. Peter & Paul
Sylas Mills (12:39) Joseph Sibilly Elementary
Santiago Brunt (13:10) VIMSIA
Naya Turbe (13:12) Home Schooled
Alessandro Brunt (13:38) VIMSIA
Myles Simon (14:56) Calvary Christian Academy
Matthew Hart (15:23) Calvary Christian Academy
Ben Thill (15:30) Gift Hill School
Jaden Pascal (20:03) Calvary Christian Academy
Age 5-8, Individual Female
Kaia Anspacher (8:29) VIMSIA
Sydney Gurlia (9:06) VIMSIA
Judah Diamondback (9:15) Yvonne Bowsky Elementary
Audrey Moore (9:17) Antilles
Flame Gonzalez (9:36) Home Schooled
Alex Midler (9:42) Antilles
Haley Belcher (9:51) Antilles
Lindsay Barr (10:26) VIMSIA
Grace King (10:35) Home Schooled
Serafina Ottley (12:45) VIMSIA
Araba Penn (12:48) Antilles
Keyanna Hazel (14:35) Jane E. Tuitt
Layla Richman (14:49) VIMSIA
Myles Simon (14:56) Calvary Christian
Maya Cohen (15:16) VIMSIA
Zindzhi Ottley (15:34) VIMSIA
Adriana Carty (16:20) Ulla Muller
Keyana Stokes (16:26) Lockhart Elementary

Age 9-11, Individual Male
Axel Bartsch (13:44) VIMSIA
Malachi Matthews (14:27) VIMSIA
Skylar Anspacher (15:31) VIMSIA
K’Shard Callendar (16:13) Ulla Muller
Diego Zakers (16:22) VIMSIA
Ammiel Maynard (17:14) VIMSIA
Calvert Charleswell (17:52) Ulla Muller
Isaac Whitmore (17:54) Home Schooled
Elisha Bell (18:34) Dober Elementary
Jeff James (18:44) Joseph Sibilly Elementary
Jikoi Darvine (20:22) Ulla Muller
Also Competed
Jordan Ward
Age 9-11, Individual Female
Karen Gauriloff (14:58) VIMSIA
Ella Barr (16:41) VIMSIA
Rose Whitter (17:32) Antilles
Michelle Olive (17:47) Sts. Peter & Paul
Consuela Hood (18:17) Joseph Sibilliy Elementary
Julia Schwenter (19:07) Home Schooled
Caitlynd Born (19:12) Antilles
Rysa Bryan (19:49) Ulla Muller
Naim Berry (19:53) Ulla Muller
Anapia Brunt (20:14) VIMSIA
Hatiya hanley (21:16) Ulla Muller
Eesha Ved (21:25) Antilles
Margel Alonzo (22:37) Jane E. Tuitt
Deja-Marie Simon (30:07) Calvary Christian Academy
Age 12-15, Individual Male
Lukata Samuel (21:14) CAHS
Jonathan Qualls (24:15) Antilles
Seiden Nemeth (25:36) VIMSIA
Elisha Brumant (34:34) Addelita Cancryn Junior High
Age 12-15, Individual Female
Kayla Clendinen (30:55) VIMSIA
Relay Teams
Age 5-8
Mini Zippers (Maia Aqui, Ava Jayne Parfitt) (9:46) VIMSIA
The Girls (Iyana Fratt, Anissa Wallen, Tishara Watley) (9:50) ALL SAINTS
Blue Torpedos (Rohan Nagi, Thomas Brunt, Paschal Bryan) (9:55) VIMSIA
MCM (Sakari Clendinen, Eleni Bernier) (10:41) Ulla Muller / Sts. Peter & Paul
Gorgeous Team (Bella Zakers, Eva Gonzalez, Naiya Lewis) (11:43) VIMSIA
Torpedo Volcanoes (Mathew Mayer, Gavin Johnson, Ronan Dodson) (12:53) VIMSIA
Mix Up (Kaylin Wallen, Ian Wallen, Kayla Maximey) (13:55) Sts Peter & Paul / Jane E. Tuitt
Also Competed
Platinum (Christian Mai, Peyton Baptista) Jane E. Tuitt
Age 9-11
Valiant (Sean Godfrey, Quinn Farrell, Thomas Gonzalez) (13:39) VIMSIA
Destroyers (Peyton Morgan, Sean Hughes, Erin Hughes) (13:43) Antilles
Champions (Madison Wyatt, Haley Jenning, Carter Maltby) (14:03) VIMSIA/Sts. Peter & Paul
Men In Red (Dalton Parr, Marc Cavagnaro, Christian Freyn) (14:28) VIMSIA/Antilles/Joseph Sibilly
Iguanas (Amahl Lewis, Gregory Gibson) (14:29) All Saints/Ulla Muller
Speedy (Arianna Poston, Devonte Duncan, Aziza George) (16:49) VIMSIA / Yvonne Bowsly Elementary
Jr. Panthers (Faith Sweeney, Kasim McLean, Alyssa Aaron) (17:50) Ulla Muller
Avengers (Amir Ottley, Joshua Baron, Jada Lake) (18:44) VIMSIA, Wesleyan Academy, Antilles
Age 12-15
Triple Threat (Kendall Hebert, Brianna Olive, Tristen Slimming) (21:58) VIMSIA
Tootsie Roll (Megan Godfrey, Christina Brett, Alison Bartsch) (24:20) VIMSIA
Blazers (Silas Wisehart, Grant Farrell, Max Gonzalez) (24:52) VIMSIA
Middle Schoolers (D’Ajahni Petersen, Osayande Francis, Mathew Wilkinson) (27:29) Addelita Canryn/BCB
Thunder (Jordan Knight, Jayden Jacobs, Jeremy Knight) (27:36) Ulla Muller/All Saints/CAHS
The Outsiders (John Thompson, Jaden Baron, Amoi Ottley) (29:32) Gladys Abraham/Wesleyan Academy/VIMSIA
Also Competed
Panthers (Aisha Aaron, Desteny Sweeney, Khadiyah McClean) Ulla Muller
* VIMSIA is the VI Montessori School and International Academy


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