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VA Plans Remembrance Tree Planting


The Office of Veterans Affairs, along with VCOS (Veterans Connect Outreach Services), has announced a memorial tree planting. From 6-7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov.15, in the Vern I. Richards Veterans Memorial Park in Frederiksted, St. Croix, there will be a remembrance tree planting ceremony in honor of our comrades who served and who gave their all,. We are asking all survivors of our comrades to join us in this dedication as to remember our love ones and let them know they are not forgotten and not alone.
Participating agencies are those that deliver services to veterans and their families in the Virgin Islands such as, Office of Veteran’s Affairs, Survivor Outreach Services, Department of Labor, UVI CELL, COAST, American Legion, Housing Finance Authority, VA and others make up the VCOS partnership.
For further information, call Sandra O. Benjamin at Survivor Outreach Services: 344-7033.


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