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Superior Court Rising Stars Steel Orchestra Wins at Music Fest

St. Croix Superior Court Rising Stars Steel Orchestra The St. Croix Superior Court Rising Stars Steel Orchestra recently participated in the 12th Annual Panorama Caribbean Music Fest Virginia Arts Festival. During the trip they were able to attend workshops with young people from all over the United States and Canada. There were 26 groups who participated in several categories: elementary, junior high, senior high and community. The St. Croix orchestra won gold in the community category and a grand prize over all.
This was a great experience as these 30 students who attended. The trip was made possible by head instructor Henry Potter and fellow instructors Paulette Frazier, Guy Chastenet, Lawrence Christian and Michael Belgrave. The members of the Superior Court staff included: Noella Valmont, program director; Natasha Williams-Modeste, program director; and staff members Lisa Davis-McGregor and Nissa Bailey. During the performance, the orchestra played Pressure’s “Virgin Islands Nice,” which made the crowd go wild.
Many thanks and appreciation go to Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty for her unwavering support, co-sponsorship and accommodations for the group and also to staff members Jackie Hodge-Jackson and Alvin M. Milligan, who attended and assisted throughout the trip.

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