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South Park has taken its outrageously funny and irreverent children from TV's Comedy Central to the big screen. The wonderfully animated show is the dream child of Trey Parker and Matt Stone who describe themselves as "thirty year old third graders with the morals of a dog." The movie bears this out and then some.
The potty-mouthed kids of the Colorado town of South Park hold nothing sacred.
Family values, politics and education are highly regarded subjects of hilarity and mirth. That's for openers.
In the movie at hand the kids sneak into a R-rated movie (which this, in fact, is, too). Their parents are outraged by the effect the movie has on their young minds and demand to be heard. Well, one thing leads to another – anger, censorship and, of course, war with our heros risking their young lives. But this isn't all.
This televison-cartoon movie phenomenon is described by The New Yorker as "big, splashy singing and dancing. . . .and pretty damn fat-ass funny." Both Disney and Broadway come in for their share of satire, and Isaac Hayes supplies one of the many voices you may recognize.
Parker, when asked to describe their maiden effort, said: "You could say its about inalienable freedoms in the face of oppression, but then you'd sound like a jerk." Yup.


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