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Bruce Willis steps our of his macho attire and into a somber suit to portray Malcolm Crowe, a renowned Philadelphia child psychologist currently suffering a career slump in The Sixth Sense. He is recovering from being shot by a psychotic ex-patient, (and, apparently, he doesn't react in his "Die Hard" mode).
Haunted by a "sixth sense" is eight year old Cole Sear, brilliantly played by Haley Joel Osment, who sees ghosts everywhere. These ghosts are not of the friendly Casper variety, but threatening, sickening critters. The disturbed Sear, son of a struggling single mother, is ridiculed by his classmates and teachers and considered a freak
Dr. Crowe eventually discovers the child's secret – he can't even close the door at night to keep the bogeyman out. This brooding and sinister trip through the child's psyche winds up with the year's "most inventive cinematic twist" according to one reviewer. And, if you remember The Usual Suspects, the ending of Sixth Sense would have Keyser Soze clapping in delight.
The movie has also been described by one viewer as being for "someone who understand what real love is."
The film is written and directed by M. Night Shyamain and is rated PG for "intense thematic material and violent images." 'The Sixth Sense' is playing at Sunny Isles Theaters.


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