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The amnesty on gross receipts tax has been extended to mid November.
Under the program a taxpayer can pay delinquent gross receipts taxes from 1998 backwards, without penalty or interest.
Claudette Farrington, director of the V.I. Internal Revenue Bureau, urged those taxpayers in arrears to take advantage of the last days of the amnesty cautioning them not to be fooled by the extension.
In a release f rom Government House Farrington said that delinquent tax payers would be pursued and all available means of collection would be implemented.
The tax amnesty, which was initiated in April, did not have the immediate effective of putting money into the coffers, as had been hoped when it was granted. It has been extended twice.
Farrington said taxpayers are required to make a notation at the top of the gross receipts tax return noting "Act No. 6294" to indicate the taxes are being paid under the amnesty program.


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