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"The Best Man" draws together a group of successful college friends ala "The Big Chill," except the occasion this time is a wedding instead of a funeral. Friendships are being renewed, flowers are ordered, dresses are all in place and then. . . .
The best man of the title played by Taye Diggs, recently of "The Wood," realizes he is in deep kim chee. He has just written a steamy novel, soon to be published, about the affair he had with the soon to be groom's soon to be wife. Oops! As if this isn't bad enough, one of the bridesmaids, a TV reporter, has obtained an advance copy of the novel.
Vows are about to be exchanged and the heat is on. By the end of the stormy weekend for which they are all gathered together, everyone involved has re-evaluated their relationships with their respective lovers, and themselves. Oh, my.
The film is written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, and produced by Spike Lee. It is rated "R"for language and sexuality.
It starts Thursday at Cinema One.


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