In a movie chock full with innovative casting, In too Deep provides lots of surprises. Omar Epps is in the title role as dedicated cop Jeffrey Cole. He is backed up by rapper LL Cool as the drug lord who goes by the modest title of "God;" Pam Grier of Jackie Brown fame as his fellow officer, and no less than Stanley Tucci, of the immensely moving comedy Big Night, as his superior officer.
Cole is fresh out of the police academy when he assigned to an undercover mission so dangerous it could cost him not only his life, but, perhaps, his very soul. No undercover officer has yet been able to capture the clever drug lord "God." Corny? No, not actually.
The thoughtful production follows Cole's infiltration into the drug world, where his goal is to be accepted and become one of "the cool guys," so he can engineer the big bust. However, it's not that easy. Cool, as "God," proves to be a multi-faceted, complicated, highly charismatic character, and Cole is soon drawn into his charm. The underground character he has become threatens to take over the good cop he was, and the psychological battle commences.
The movie was directed by Michael Rymer and is rated R for sensuality, language and violence.
It is playing at Cinema One.


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