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James Brewster is synonymous with scratch band music. Twenty five years ago Jamsie, or Jamesie, and the Happy Seven was the most popular band in the Virgin Islands. Jamsie was the man ! Many Virgin Islanders still call scratch band music simply "Jamsie Music."
Unfortunately his old albums are not available; fortunately two excellent modern recordings are available. Recorded last year on St. Croix with the Musical Kafooners, Brukin Off Fungi is Jamesie's latest. This album contains thirteen traditional songs;
1. Walk and Talk 2.Fire in de Water 3.Zoot Zoot Zoot 4.Grand March 5.Who Been Sen Yo 6.Duncan Boy 7.Tenenssee Waltz (no, that's not a mispelling, that's the way Jamsie says it) 8.South of the Border 9.Quando el Mundo Comenzo 10.Marie Bull 11.Sardine Pan 12.Aruba 13.Wash Yo Tail Light. The recording is good and Jamsie's voice is in fine form.
The second modern recording is The Original Polcalypso Orchestra Live featuring Jamsie. This is an unusual album -Polcalypso is a Danish band that plays Caribbean music – and they do a pretty good job of it. A few years ago, Jamsie was able to visit Denmark and tour with the band. This recording comes from a live broadcast on Danish Public Radio. The CD features vocals and instrumentals; the standouts are Jamsie's Livin In A Rum Shop, How She Panty Get Wet, and Ramgoat.
Polcalypso also has two other CD's. Polcalypso II (really 1 and 2) contains 21 songs written by such Virgin Island musicians as Jamsie, Joe Parris, Arthur Jeppesen, Archie Thomas and others.
Polcalypso III features 15 songs, both their originals and traditional songs from various islands.
If you are interested in music of the Virgin Islands, a Jamsie album is a must because Jamsie is the Man!
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