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For the life of me, I cannot fathom the crazed reasoning behind the firing of Michael Bornn as head of Tourism. From what dark hole does Turnbull get his advice. Surely it cannot be from the very people who know the state of the rapidly deteriorating tourism product of the Virgin Islands best – the business community. And for sure he didn't get his advise from any of the cruise lines, airlines, or tour wholesalers, that had just started to regain confidence in the VI. So, who are his advisors regarding the most important economic engine in the Virgin Islands? Whoever they are, obviously, they're not the sharpest tools in the shed.
Do you mean to tell me that because Michael exercised his freedom of speech, fighting to save the economic future of the Virgin Islands, he was sacked?? I wonder if Turnbull bothered to discuss his concerns with Michael. Or did he just react like some of his sorry predecessors were known to do.
Forget Michael coming back to that post. Why should he? Who in his right (and honest) mind would even consider managing what is probably the most important position there is, knowing that the ultimate boss – Gov Turnbull – has absolutely no idea what is going on around him. It sort of reminds me of the old "rum and coke" days of Government House – dazed and confused. I chuckled at Michael's response to what he would do now – just go back to making money.
It's a sad shame to know Gov. Turnbull just killed the goose that was bringing home the golden egg.
I do have a serious suggestion, that although it will not help the current dismal state of affairs, it can possibly, even probably save whatever will be left by the end of Turnbull's nightmarish reign. Convince Michael Bornn to run for Governor! He is well educated, financially savvy, has a keen understanding of what the real problems are, knows what must be done to solve them, is willing to take heat, is completely honest, is a born Virgin Islander, and has the respect and support of business and industry leaders on all three main islands, as well as those within the cruise, air and tour industries.
Michael Bornn for Governor!! Run Michael, Run!!
But start shoveling today, because there is a lot of nightsoil on the path to Government House.
Patrick B. Deery


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