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Businesses based at Coki Point are sponsoring a triathlon with a twist on Saturday, Nov. 20. The events consist of swimming, running or walking, and picking up a bagful of trash.
There's nothing very grueling about the physical activities, and the event is open to anyone of any age who wants to take part. The prizes to be awarded in a variety of categories, from "14 years of age and under" to "over 55," include weekend getaways at the Point Pleasant and Renaissance Grand Beach Resorts.
The competition begins at Coki Beach, where the first test is to swim a short distance around a buoy and back to shore. Next, participants will run or walk a mile on one of two courses, to the entrance of Point Pleasant or to the foot of Cassi Hill. At those destinations, they will be handed empty trash bags that they are to fill with litter on the way back to the finish line at the Coral World parking lot.
Jeanne Bowen, owner of Dive World, a sponsoring company, said the idea evolved from a desire to "come up with an activity that would be fun, appeal to people of all ages and have a positive impact on the environment."
The project is being organized by the Coki Point Beautification Initiative, consisting of businesses and residents of the area. The triathlon is being co-sponsored by the Anti-Litter and Beautification Commission and the Smith Bay Beautification Project Group.
Registration is $10, with a portion of the proceeds to go toward future clean-ups in the area. Each registrant will receive a free T-shirt commemorating the event and free rental of snorkel gear and admission to Coral World for the day. Sign-up starts at 8:15 a.m. and the competition begins at 9.
Planned originally for last month, the triathlon was postponed because of Hurricane Jose. To get further information, call Coral World at 775-1555, ext. 247.


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