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Dear Source,
Thanks to Shaun, Jean, Jamie, Judi and all the contributing staff members of St. Thomas Source for your continuous coverage of Hurricane Lenny. I had the Internet on all day at my job and was able to keep up throughout the day. The local tone and coverage gave me a clear idea of what was happening.
All the stateside radio, TV and Internet media outlets were giving ear- and eye-catching reports of devastation on Puerto Rico – if you can call no water, power or cable a disaster – while giving little to no information about the Virgin Islands ("it's now bearing down on the Virgin Islands…" they'd conclude the story each time).
Your work is greatly appreciated, and please continue to keep up the valiant efforts. I enjoy reading about my former "home" by logging on to St. Thomas Source, which makes it a lot easier to talk to on-island friends about current events.
Thanks again.
Chris Garrity
(freezing in Boston, Massachusetts)


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