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Dear fellow V.I. government employees; The time is right for us to come together as Government Workers. One may ask, "What can be done by us, the workers?" Well, here are a few simple suggestions:
Come together as one government employees’ Union with occupation specified branches. We will need approximately 3,900 signatures (30 percent of 13,000 government employees).
Realize our strength as a unified body: Financial, Authoritative, and Influential Force, and an Economic Resource.
Organize a team to investigate the organizational structure of GERS (Government Employees Retirement System). You will discover that Government Employees are the member owners of the GERS and that they, through employee representatives (labor unions), are the dictators of investments and other major financial decisions regarding the income generated by the GERS.
Resume ownership and control of the land previously bought by the Government Employees in the 1930’s in the name of St. Croix Labor Union. UIW-SIU St. Croix Labor Union Realty Corp currently controls this land.
Realize a consistent annual cash flow of approximately $3 million in "Dues Collectible" (13,000 employees x $20.00 per month x 12 months = $3,120,000.00).
As one union, sit to negotiate 1999 salaries for all government employees and also to arrive at a compromise for the retroactive pay owed.
Assume and salvage assets of current employee organizations.
Research opportunities for the provision of goods and services as benefits to members.
My dear colleagues, we must act now. The time is right for true employee representation in the name of Our Virgin Islands Labor Union. Send for a membership application at:
P.O. Box 8624
Christiansted, VI 00823-8624
(340) 778-3448 (Phone/Fax)
The next general meeting is scheduled for Dec. 16, 1999 at 5:30 p.m. at the Rooftop Penthouse, #79 Castle Coakley, St. Croix. All Government Employees are encouraged to attend. We will announce a meeting time, date, and place in St. Thomas. Our Virgin Islands Labor Union is for Empowerment of workers. Join now! Don’t gamble with your or your children’s future. This is a call for Unity!
Just as the winds come together and force changes, so too shall the people come together.
Terrence "Positive" Nelson


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