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We were dismayed, to say the least, to find that Gov. Charles W. Turnbull completely and tersely dismissed the 10-page section of the Omnibus Act that would have given actual power and money to the territory’s Inspector General's Office.
The IG's office is the only local entity with the ability to dig out and expose fraud, waste and abuse in all areas of the government.
Why on earth would anyone want to limit the powers of that office unless they were worried about a strong and independent inspector general uncovering fraud, waste and abuse in their own bailiwicks?
As our legislators approach the override of the governor's line-item vetoes, we hope they will give the Inspector General’s Office the independence and resources it requires to root out fraud, waste and abuse in our government.
Lack of accountability is one major ill that has brought this territory to its fiscal knees. It is time to reverse that dangerous fact of life.


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