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Christmas and New Year’s is party time and you must have the right songs tokeep your party moving. Of course Carnival music works well. JamBands De Pon Top was road march champ with Sick Boom Bap and Iron. Imagi was big for Carnival too; Poison, featuring Bounce Your Bottom and Lunch Time. And don’t forget Osha with Where You Went Last Night?
The easiest way to get a party going is with Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires. Lee plays party versions of the top songs from around the Caribbean each year. 1999’s Soca Tremor features hot versions of Horning, Faluma , The River and many others. Lee’s past albums don’t go out of style and he also has some good greatest hits compilations.
Two various artists CD’s hot right now are Soca Gold 99 and The Work Rhythm. Soca Gold features El A Cru , Atlantik , Square One and others. The hit on this one is Twiggy’s Up Under Me. The Work Rhythm features Square One, Screechie Dan and Denise Belfon and others. The hit here is Lovee’s That’s Why I’m Horning You.
WCK’s, Set My People Free from Dominica is jumpy with a bit of cadence. Out of Barbados comes Square One with Fast Forward featuring My Ding-A-Ling and last years Full Bloom with Faluma, DJ Ride and Kitty Kat.
Don't forget Sparrow. His Doh Stop de Carnival is still popular with Doh Touch Meh President. Plus he has a new album Cokie Eye Rooster with More Lying Excuses II and Petit Willie Jumping.
As always, there are plenty of other good albums for your parties and don’t forget new music will be released for St. Croix’s festival around the end of the year. There is no excuse for not jumping up for the holidays.
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