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We own timeshares in February at Bluebeard's Castle and this year are fortunate and looking forward to three weeks in Paradise.
Have been reading your online paper now for about a month and find it to be as the gentleman from Greenfield, Ind., said, a reality check.
We are already committed to being tourists, and it is helpful to have on a daily basis what is really going on, even though most would not make the headlines in an advertisement for the USVI.
You have excellent writers; perhaps some of them should be the politicians.
We used to subscribe to the Virgin Island Business Journal, and because it was a weekly it was just about right. The Daily News would have been too much. Don't even get through the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune here at home.
Please keep up the good work! We appreciate your online service.
We have forwarded your website to others who discuss St. Thomas and St. John on the AOL Travel Board for those islands.
Jack Townsend
from wintry Chicago, Illinois


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