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Ad executive Jay Schulberg will share his secrets about getting people to think differently with members of the Ad Club of the Virgin Islands. The public is invited to join Ad Club members for lunch noon Monday, Jan.10 at Tamarind Reef Hotel.
Schulberg, a major figure in the worldwide advertising community, has captured the imagination of the world with the creation of the Milk Moustache Campaign. The event Monday, part of the continuing Ad Club Professional Series, is sponsored by St. Thomas Dairies.
Schulberg, creative director of Bozell Worldwide, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, said, "Our job is to create the most innovative, the most persuasive, the most rewarding advertising that sells brilliantly." The agency began with the idea of creating an ad campaign that would be simple, charming and fun. "We knew if it made people smile, we had a very good chance of getting our health message across," said Schulberg. The final decision was to use celebrities with a milk moustache.
The Milk Moustache Campaign has won several awards and caught on faster than any other campaign he created. Schulberg is also responsible for other high profile ad campaigns, notably the Jeep "Snow Covered" spot showing a mysterious something burrowing through deep snow across a vast, frozen, lifeless tundra.
Lunch is $25 for members, $30 nonmembers. There will also be a lunch in St. Thomas on Tuesday, Jan 11. St. Croix reservations are being accepted at Austin Advertising, 778-5118 and on St. Thomas at 776-7828.


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