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"Toy Story 2" is said to be that rarest of things – a sequel even better than the original. The first "Toy Story"in 1995 became an international sensation, and the first animated feature ever to be nominated as a best screenplay (written directly for the screen).
Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Don Rickles all reprise their original voice roles from the first film.
The story, briefly, begins when Andy heads off to Cowboy Camp, leaving his toys to their own devices. Then the fun begins. Woody is kidnaped (toynapped?) by an evil toy collector, and the gang's efforts to get him back to Andy's room before Andy returns, quite simply, compose the plot.
It seems that Woody is a very valuable collector's toy, a collectible from a '50's TV series. Not wanting Woody to become a museum piece, PotatoHead, Slinky Dog , Rex, Hamm and the others, take a hand in bringing him back where he belongs.
The real star of the movie, of course, is the "startlingly wonderful computer generated animation," which is said to be better than the first "Story." Called by one reviewer, "technically sound, but lacking in heart," the Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios production gets rave reviews from just about everyone else. How can you miss with the familiar voices, the humor, and the exciting, creative animation? Actually, you can't.
The film is directed by John Lasseter who won awards for the first "Story," and for last year's animated "A Bug's Life."
The movie is rated G, good for kids and family, (for a change!).
It is playing at Market Square East.


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