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Betty Story
The Charlotte Amalie High School Piano Lab Recital was held Monday at the Renaissance Grand Beach Hotel.
Thirty eight students from the music appreciation class and the beginning and advanced piano labs gave performances to a very appreciative full house.
The pieces that the students performed included works by Brahms, Dvorak, Handy, and Stevie Wonder.
Soprano and C.A.H.S. music teacher Jacqueline Bergland sang a vivid rendition of "Summertime" accompanied by John Cahill, piano teacher and director of the event. Crew Smith, the winner of the Vitelco advanced piano competition also participated. Pianist Freddy Rabuse and saxophonist Arthur Williams played a brilliant piece for the finale.
Mr Cahill, who trained at Juilliard School of Music, urged parents to
encourage their students to keep practicing and that 14 is not too late to start playing music.. He explained that the beginning piano class of only one semester had made great improvements. He was very enthusiastic about the music program at C.A.H.S. He said that although most teachers are saying that things are getting worse he feels the music program is improving and the students’ performance shows it.
Alford Forbes
This night was very inspiring and it was an experience for many people to feel the different types of music.from the 1600’s to the 1700’s when Mozart and Beethoven had history in the making. This music still lives on to this very day. Classical music has touched the many souls that not just wrote the music but the people that listen to it.
To me every piece of music that was played by the young and talented students of C.A.H.S Piano Lab and Music Appreciation class had a special meaning. The love in the music was an inspiration to the young and old.
I would like the parents to encourage their children to use the musical talent that God gave to them, even if they are starting as
I was in the speaking chorus for his fascinating program. A speaking chorus is like a forerunner to rap. The piece was about the many different scenes and sights in the world such as Trinidad, Mississippi, Honolulu Mexico and Nagasaki. The piece was very confusing at first but every one understood the piece in a three to four month period.
I am a soloist or singer and play percussion in the C.A.H.S. marching band and my major is music. I believe that if everyone can use their voices it can touch others’ hearts.
Nathifa Smith
Naththifa Smith was the winner of the Being Drug free essay contest
conducted during Red Ribbon Week.
Drugs have changed the way people deal with life, love, money, and relationships for several decades. As we stand at the door of a new millennium we want to be optimistic. However, we ignore present problems such as crime and drugs and naively hope that they will vanish when the year 2000 rings in.
Are we gullible people who have concocted this notion with our vivid imaginations? Never the less drug abuse problems will never go away if we don’t come together as a society. Perhaps if we show the uglier side of drugs and their effects and stop associating drug habits as being the one of the newest trends maybe drugs problems will cease to exist.
Drugs slogans have always told us to "say no" without really telling us what we are saying no to. They have never told us to say no to rehabilitation and to say no to becoming a liar, a thief and a strung out vagrant. Then politicians wonder why drug habits continue to increase even though so much money is spent on drug prevention campaigns. If we sugar coat the raw truth we will never reach our intended audience.
Another problem concerning drugs is that it has become a trend to do soft core drugs, such as marijuana.
Marijuana is most used by teenagers as a "party drug". Teens often appease their conscience by saying everyone did drugs at one point or another in their life. If we continue to pass off drug use, especially soft core drug use, with passive excuses the problem that we faced in the 20th century may be passed right on to the 21st century.
Drug free is the way everyone should be in the millennium. However, only if we all come together and try our best to end this plague will it end.


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