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1999 Homicides
Districts of St. Thomas-St. John and St. Croix
(1) STX
(1) Territory
Date of murder: Jan. 5
Victim: Jaheal Gomez , 22, shot in De Chabert Housing Project. Was found in vehicle wearing mask and bulletproof vest. Police suggest he was planning to carry out drive-by shooting, and instead became victim. Vehicle was carjacked the day before. Also injured: Charles Thomas, 22, caught in crossfire.
(2) STX
(2) Territory
Date of murder: Jan. 8
Victim: Nimba Antonio Lopez, 18 – Shot during confrontation with another teenager over festival incident. Stabbed in the chest. Assailant was shot by Lopez’ friend, 24 year old unidentified man questioned and released by police. Stabbing occurred near De Chabert Project, a short distance from the shooting of Jaheal Gomez on Jan. 5. On Jan. 11 police charged a minor with murder first degree in the Lopez stabbing. The minor was turned over to the youth rehabilitation center after release from hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds.
(3) STX
(3) Territory
Date of murder: Jan. 9
Victim: Justine Exdoxie Gumbs, 88 – Died at Juan F. Luis Hospital from injuries to the head and eyes. She was beaten on November 30 when a man entered her home and hit her with a cane. Cyril "Lee" Julienne, 33, of 87 Castle Burke who was initially charged with first degree assault, was charged the murder after Gumbs died.
(1) STT
(4) Territory
Date of murder: Jan. 27
Victim: Gregory De Silva, 22 – Found with four bullet wounds. De Silva was in his Chevy Sprint on East End Road between Red Hook and Sapphire. Citizen observed victim slumped over car seat at 8:03 a.m. Victim is native of BVI, resident of Smith Bay.
(4) STX
(5) Territory
Date of murder: Jan. 31
Victim: Hasani Fitzgerald, 22 – Stabbed to death after he tried to intervene in nightclub brawl at Sequence Club in La Reine. He was stabbed once in the left side of the rib cage. Police said they have a potential suspect, but are still investigating the case. Police later arrested Shane Omar Valmont, 19, and charged him with first degree murder.
(5) STX
(6) Territory
Date of murder: Feb. 19
Victim: Reginald Molloy, 25 – Shot in the chest just two hours after his house and car were set on fire. Police arrested Arthur Barry, Jr., 26, of Work and Rest and charged him with arson and first degree murder.
(6) STX
(7) Territory
Date of murder: April 10
Victim: Juan "Juanito" Cruz, 24 – Struck in the face with a pool cue about 11 p.m. April 9 at the Milagrosa Bar in Christiansted. He went into a coma and died the next afternoon. No arrest have been made.
(2) STT
(8) Territory
Date of murder: April 11
Victim: Yathera Corona, 19 – Found of the porch of Midas Auto Service Repairs near Tutu park Mall with abrasions to her neck. Her naked body was found around 7:15 a.m. after her boyfriend reported her missing around 2:54 a.m. when she failed to return home from her job at Plaza Extra. No arrests have been made.
(2) STT
(9) Territory
Date of murder: April 28
Victim: Ferlyn Harris, 26 – Shot once in the back of the head. He was killed in Carnival Village. Two men were taken into custody for questioning, but later released.
(4) STT
(10) Territory
Date of murder: May 29
Victim: Juan Pierre Batista, no age given – Stabbed with knife and assaulted with a hammer.. Received several stab wounds and injuries during an altercation with another man at the Rothschild Francis Square in the vicinity of Muhsens Supermarket.
Juan Miguel Medina was arrested June 16, 2000 and charged with murder in connection with the case.
(5) STT
(11) Territory
Date of murder: May 31
Victim: Leon Dennis, 60 – Shot in the head after exiting his vehicle while parked near the WAPA storage tanks. Police were notified by a female companion who was with victim at the time.
(6) STJ (St. John)
(12) Territory
Date of murder: July 12
Victim: Kishawn Daly, no age given – Died from injuries sustained in a July 7 shooting at the festival village in St. John. Daly was shot in the face by an unknown suspect.
(7) STT
(13) Territory
Date of murder; July 18
Victim: William Hudson Grimmett, no age given – Body was found floating at the bottom of his swimming pool at Estate Mafolie #14. Police originally classified the case as drowning but changed the classification to homicide on July 27 following the findings of an autopsy which determined that cause of death was inconsistent with accidental drowning.
(8) STT
(14) Territory
Date of murder: July 27
Victim: Adolpho Hyndman, 44 – Shot to death near the intersection of General and Rejerrings Gade by an unknown individual. Hyndman died on the scene from multiple injuries.
(15) Date of death: July 29
Victim: Damian Phillip, 20, of Estate Frydenhoj. Shot to death in a confrontation with police while in the process of committing a burglary in Frenchman’s Bay.
(16) Date of death: Aug. 4
Victim: Thomas Lugsby, 60, of Upper Mahogany Run. Shot during an armed robbery at a Smith Bay restaurant.
(11) STT
(17) Territory
Date of death: Sept. 16
Victim: Known only as "Forest" gunned down while walking in Contant near Michele Motel.
Died at the scene.
(18) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 22
Victim: Kareem McIntosh, 19. Stabbed during an altercation on Central High School campus.
Date of death: Nov. 4
Victim: Duvalier Basquin, a gypsy taxi driver, was found stabbed to death near Sea View Nursing Home in Bolongo Bay.
Update: April 26, 2000, three men arrested and charged with 1st degree murder.

(13) STT
(20) Territory
Date of death: Nov. 7
Victim: Perry Brathwaite of Anna’s Retreat was shot twice in the head and back near the Annas Retreat Community Center.
(14) STT
(21) Territory
Date of death: Nov. 7
Victim: Alfredo Barrott,45, no address given was shot and killed in an altercations with a police officer on the Red Hook dock.
(8) STX
(22) Territory
Date of death: Nov. 7
Victim: Miguel Crispin, 19, of Louis E. Brown Villas shot in the left shoulder in downtown Christiansted. He was pronounced dead at 1:17 a.m.
(9) STX
(23) Territory
Date body found: Nov. 29
Date of death: Unknown
Victim: Caucasian woman found buried in yard. Marvin Alvin Dominquez of 141 Two Brothers was arrested and charged with the murder.
(10) STX
(24) Territory
Date of death: Dec. 11
Victim: Angel "Nana" Felix, 26, of Ralph de Chabert Housing Community was killed by a single gun shot wound to the shoulder that apparently severed an artery.


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