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(1) STX
(1) Territory
Date of murder: January 5
Victim: Melford Selkridge, 27, was shot once in the chest as he walked out of his girlfriend’’s house in Mon Bijou. He was pronounced dead at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital. Police arrested 26-year-old Michael Christiansen in February in connection with the murder. A second man was implicated in the murder.
(1) STT
(2) Territory
Date of murder: January 13
Victim: Dominica native Boniface Clement , 37, was shot twice in the back and right foot in Contant. Victim died at the scene.
(2) STT
(3) Territory
Date of death: January 27
Victim: Kareem Setorie, 18, was shot in the head during an early morning incident in Estate Mandahl. Setorie died 12 hours after being taken to Roy L. Schneider Hospital. Police were investigating the incident.
(2) STX
(4) Territory
Date of death: April 3
Victim: Anthony "Scratchy" Petersen, 40, of 17 Hill St was bludgeoned to death. As of April 3 police had no motive, no suspects and no weapon. Petersen died shortly after he was transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital.
(3) STT
(5) Territory
Date of death: April 10
Victim: Ellis Blyden Jr. was shot in the head outside the Hometown Convenience Store on the Donoe Bypass while apparently going to use a pay phone; shots were fired by occupants of a dark-color vehicle which drove off.
(4) STT
(6) Territory
Date of death: April 12
Victim: Eustice Cerio, 21, was shot as he and his girlfriend were walking on the roadway just east of Contant Car Wash. Cerio was hit in the leg and upper torso. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Schneider Hospital. No motive had been established as of April 13.
(5) St. Thomas
(7) Territory
Date of death: May 23
Jason Carroll, 18, was shot and killed as he walked on Main Street. Deshaune Harrigan, who was arrested two days after the shooting was charged in September with first degree murder in the incident. Trial was set for Dec. 11.
(6) St. Thomas
(8) Territory
Date of death: June 9
Aaron Stedman,38, a native of Dominica was found shot in Contant. No suspects and no motive have been identified.
(3) St. Croix
(9) Territory
Date of death: July 6
Solomon David, 36, was shot by a security guard at the Sunny Isle Kmart during a scuffle inside the store.
(4) St. Croix
(10) Territory
Date of death: Unknown
The body of Mario Daniel, who was reported missing in February 2000, was found June 12 buried on Campo Rico beach. Police classified the death as a homicide after forensics investigations revealed signs of foul play.
(7) St. Thomas
(11) Territory
Date of death: July 22
Rafael Callwood, a native St. Thomian, residing in the Nordstdevej area, died two days after being shot three times near the Jane E. Tuitt Elementary School in Savan. Before dying Callwood said he never saw who shot him.
(8)St. Thomas
(12) Territory
Date of death: Sept. 5
Pierre Leopold Magras Jr. died of gunshot wounds, the result of a drive-by shooting at the Cage Bar and Restaurant on Lower Kronprindsens Gade.
(5)St. Croix
(13) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 3
Mannix Phillips, 33, of Mon Bijou was fatally shot trying to break up a feud between two brothers. One of the brothers, Nathaniel Hazell, was arrested shortly after the incident.
The shooting took place at the Aureo Diaz housing community.

(6)St. Croix
(14) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 5
Vincent Lawrence, 19, died from a .38 caliber gunshot wound to the head. A medical examiner pronounced Lawrence dead at the scene. The shooting took place at Peppertree Terrace, a gated housing community in Estate Diamond Ruby, the result of an argument over Lawrence uprooting a marijuana plant while working as a gardener there.
Charged with first-degree murder is 19-year-old Renaldo Santos.
(9) St. Thomas
(15) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 29
Anthony "Hamster" Warner died at the Central Guest House as a result of gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Warner and a man reportedly got into a struggle at the guest house that resulted in the fatal shooting. The unidentified man was also shot during the altercation and was transported by ambulance to Roy L. Schneider Hospital after being taken into police custody.
(7) St. Croix
(16) Territory
Date of death: Nov. 5
A St. Croix man died after being beaten with a baseball bat following a fight at an Estate Profit Bar. Police Commissioner Franz Christian said two persons were taken into custody within an hour of the fatal attack and one was formally charged in the man’s death.
(10) St. Thomas
(17) Territory
Date of death: Dec. 7
A 22-year-old St. Thomas man who was shot in Savan Wednesday night died early Thursday morning after undergoing emergency surgery at the Roy L. Schneider Hospital. He suffered gunshot wounds to the abdomen, sources have confirmed. Macali Wheatley was found by police on General Gade near Red Ball Grocery and was later transported to the hospital by a friend.
(11) St. Thomas
(18) Territory
Date of death: Dec. 31.
18-year-old Adassa Rolle was killed by a single gun-shot to the head during an apparent robbery attempt in the area of Green Cay Plantation, on the southern side of the Frenchman’s Bay road leading to Donkey Hill. Police on Jan. 8 charged
ex-boyfriend Ian Tracy with first-degree murder and weapons possession. He is placed on $300,000. Arraignment is set for Jan. 18.
(16) STX
(34) Territory
Date of discovery of Body: Oct.5
Noel Rivera’s decomposed body was found in the rear seat of a Mitsubishi Mirage found parked in a bushy area in White Bay, Frederiksted — a stone’s throw from the Walter I.M Hodge public housing community.
(17) STX
(35) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 17
Julio Rivera, 19, of Estate Humbug, died around 1:30 a.m. of a gunshot wound to the back that exited the chest. According to Lt. Greg Bennerson of the Criminal Investigation Unit, the victim was still alive and underwent emergency surgery, but did not recover from his injury.
(18) STX
(36) Territory
Date of death: Oct. 23
Ricky Maxwell, 24, of Estate New Works was gunned down in the Louis E. Brown Housing community. When police found him he was semi-conscious, having sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He died at Juan Luis Hospital less than an hour after he was shot.
(19) STX
(37) Territory
Date of death: Oct 25
A taxi driver, was shot and killed Friday night near King Street, Christiansted. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. First reports indicated the taxi driver had been kidnaped near Sion by two suspects who forced him to drive to Christiansted.


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