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Dear Source,
What has the 24th Legislature of the Virgin Islands failed to follow the will of the people? The last time we looked, constitutionally, we were guaranteed a republican form of government which derives its power from the consent of the governed.
In November of 2000 the people voted on a referendum to reduce the size of the Legislature. Based on the figures supplied by the election system of the V.I. 15,672 voted "yes" for a reduction, with a reduction to nine receiving 12,225 votes. This figure is very close to the number cast for the winner in the At Large race. A total of 17,946 persons voted on the referendum issued, including those who said "no."
The people of the Virgin Islands have spoken. The League of Women Voters supports their position. For the Legislature to do other than the will of the people suggests that we no longer have a government which derives its power from the people, but rather from those in power. It appears that some members of the 24th Legislature prefer to dictate to the people, rather than accepting and acting on the peoples' mandate.
The Court has been asked to enforce the people's will. The League of Women voters looks to this venue to find in favor of the people.
Erva A. Denham


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