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July 10, 2001 – A territory-wide weapons amnesty period was announced Tuesday by Police Commissioner Franz Christian. Citizens possessing unlicenced or unregistered firearms may turn in weapons to their nearest police station from Tuesday through July 31.
The amnesty period is a prelude to VI Project Exile, a new violent crime reduction initiative beginning in the territory this week, which will send all persons convicted of gun crimes to off-island prisons.
Christian said he was pleased with the success of the territory's last amnesty program in 1999, and "is looking forward to increased participation for Amnesty 2001."
The commissioner said a limited cash incentive is being offered on certain firearms "to enable us to reach those persons who are in possession of illegal firearms."
Christian said that these amnesty programs "continue to increase community awareness on issues and laws regarding firearms." He added, "The Virgin Islands community has given the department a mandate to get rid of illegal guns and put those persons in jail who use them."
The commissioner also voiced his approval for the Gun Control Act of 2001, a measure sponsored by Sen. Emmett Hansen II which severely increases fines and penalties for firearms violations. It will come before the Senate Government Operations, Planning and Environmental Protection committee Thursday.


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