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Aug. 3, 2001 – You won't find Rex Harrison singing to a beguiling lady seal. Perhaps you wouldn't care to. Anyhow, here in "Dr. Dolittle 2," the sequal to the 1998 remake of the 1967 Harrison musical version, you will find Eddie Murphy trying to teach a tame bear to be a gruffer bear, but not by singing to it.
He talks. He talks to the bears, the raccoons, the dogs and the beavers. And they listen to him.
He's got a way about him. And the kids will love him. And it is summer, and the movie is for the kids.
Dr. D. is trying to protect a patch of nature from developers, and this is where the bear comes in. The doc must teach Archie, a rather dim-witted circus bear, to go to the wild with his hairy girlfriend, Ava, and procreate so the area can be declared a protected habitat.
Archie and Ava are endangered species. This is news. Are retired circus bears automatically "endangered" in the wild? One would think they were more endangered with their human circus people.
But, again, it is summer, and this is the Virgin Islands, and we have more animal movies than you can shake a ringed raccoon at. Just check the listings.
This movie is rated PG-13, and it's about an hour and 21 minutes long.
It is playing at Market Square East.


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