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Dear Source,
I read in the St. Thomas Source an article that appeared this [Wednesday] afternoon. It was an invitation to the public to attend a candlelight vigil in Emancipation Garden at 6 p.m. Wednesday.
The vigil was being hosted by the local firefighters to pay tribute to the firefighters and all involved in the tradegies of last week.
I got my flag and my red candle and headed to town for 6 p.m. I arrived minutes before the time and met two police officers and one other lady. I asked if they knew anything and was told their job was to block off the street but they didn't know why. I told them what I had read in your paper.
As I was sitting in my car for a while, one reporter from The Daily News showed up totally bewildered. Soon a firefighter from across the street came over to tell the officers there would be no vigil due to information getting out too late.
So there was no candlelight vigil. I sat in my car, lit my red candle and sang "America the Beautiful," wiped away a tear and drove home.
I am writing because I am sad that the message didn't reach others and to thank you for putting it out.
I am glad I drove the half hour to get there. I feel better. Thanks for your news.
Jane Clemo
St. Thomas

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