Feb. 17, 2002 – The names that often appear in roadrace winners' column showed up again Sunday in the men's and women's races of the 20th annual Ultrasprint, sponsored by the St. Thomas Association of Roadrunners (STAR)to commemorate Black History Month: top honors went to Ruth Ann David and Maurice Kurg.
"Regulars" also won the youth races, a half-mile for 13 and under: Julia Casazza, 11, took girls' first place, and Johnny Lenahan, 10, took boys' top honors.
Some 18 runners appeared for Sunday's race this year – including a number of young Fullers and young Lenahans literally following in the footsteps of their fathers, Vincent Fuller and Kevin Lenahan, who ran the men's race.
Ultrasprint has not regained its once-prominent stature in St. Thomas racing circles. In 1983, the 1st annual Ultrasprint was run from Addelita Cancryn Junior High School right up the waterfront to finish by A. H. Riise's Alley, with several heats for youth, open men, open women, and over-40.
The race was run in the two eastbound lanes, with the vigilant assistance of V.I. Public Safety, and more than a hundred runners participated, that first year and for several years following.
Vehicles with race officials, timers, volunteers, and medical rescue personnel raced up and down the waterfront, dropping extra water and cups at water stops, delivering volunteers to hold traffic at side intersections, and to be sure the official timekeeper got from the start to the finish line ahead of the winning runner. In the days before cellular phones and computerized running-time recording, vehicles and drivers had to move a lot more physical equipment.
The photo shows St. Thomas attorney Frank Jackson finishing his heat in that first Ultrasprint; applauding onlookers lined the waterfront and scanned the distance for their favorites. Jackson competed this year as well as 20 years ago – and most Ultrasprints in between.
Another stalwart continuing presence is that of Roy Watlington, co-founder of St. Thomas Association of Roadrunners. He was initiator and director of the 1st annual Ultrasprint and again for this year's 20th annual – and has officiated at most of the Ultrasprints in between.

Women's race: Ruth Ann David, 5:30.5; Charley Charles, 5:54.8; Grace Tuma, 6:16.0; Crystal Joseph, 7.49.5; Denise Kurg, 9:01.9; Carol Lenahan, 9:24.3.
Men's race: Maurice Kurg, 5:19.6; McCordie Prentice, 5:27.6; Lucien Wallace, 5:50.3; Frank Jackson, 6:03.2; Kevin Lenahan, 7:13.6; Johnny Lenahan, 8:07.4; Vincent Fuller, 10:47.7
Girls' race: Julia Casazza, 3:15.0; Samatha Pomeranz, 4:07.0; Francie Lenahan, 4:07.9
Boys' race: Johnny Lenahan, 3:35.0; Nathaniel Fuller, 3:51.0; Harry Lenahan, 4:17.0.


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