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February 28, 2002 – The U.S. Census Bureau has released "Population and Housing Profile: 2000" for the Virgin Islands, and some of the data "may be surprising," said Dr. Frank Mills, director of the Eastern Caribbean Center at the University of the Virgin Islands.
The Census data indicate that in the 10 years since the 1990 Census was conducted, household size and family size have decreased throughout the territory. "In 1992, there were over 2,600 births," Dr. Mills said, in a UVI release. "By 1997, we were down to about 2,100 births."
By 2000, unemployment was readjusting to normal levels. The data also show that the median age of the population has increased, as have the number of foreign-born residents. While household income and per-capita income have increased, poverty has also increased.
"Some groups are getting richer and other groups are getting poorer," Dr. Mills said.
The demographic information contained within this profile, as well as previously released Census 2000 data, is available on the U.S. Census website at www.census.gov. On the main page, click on "V" to go to all available Virgin Islands information.
To obtain information or free copies of the results of the 2000 Census, please call the Eastern Caribbean Center at 693-1020 or 693-1027.
The ECC has served as the Virgin Islands Census Data Center since 1988.
Grandparents responsible for grandchild 5 years or more, Virgin Islands total: 1,211. St. Johnians who commute to work on a motorcycle total 9, compared to 65 who use the ferry and 354 who walk.


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