March 28, 2002 – Easter, one of the most sacred Christian holidays, is a spring celebration of the rebirth of Christ and of the spirit. At such an important time of year, this holiday had a long tradition that preceded Christianity, as a festival day for the Saxon goddess Eostre.
Easter changes annually, scheduled according to the Moon. Easter is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after spring equinox. The need to determine this date in advance led to serious astronomical observations and calendrics that were built into cathedrals. The meridiana was a marker line designed in the floors of many cathedrals to time the return of the sun to the equinox. A meridian line was laid out from north to south and a hhole in the roof was carefully positioned to catch sunlight in a way that would direct it to the meridiana at the proper time of year. Some were designed as more elaborate calendars.
Down here close to the equator, we are tilted toward the sky in such a way that we can easily see the Moon Rabbit. When I first saw this image, it was during the Easter Full Moon. I realized I was seeing the Easter bunny in the Easter egg! Indeed, the Moon-Hare was sacred to Eostre. Take a look for yourself. You'll see the rabbit in profile looking to the left, with its ears pointing to the upper right of the Moon's disk. If you are up north, tip your head and see if you can see it, too, resting inside the Easter egg of the Moon. There was a German saying that the Hare would lay eggs for good children on Easter Eve. So that's where those jelly beans and chocolate eggs come from!
Many peoples throughout the world have seen the Moon Rabbit, including the Mayans, Indians, Chinese and Japanese and Native Americans. The Hare has a rich tradition in mythic symbology. It represents the intuitive capacity to see into the spiritual essence of things, as the Moon lights the dark of the night with a luminous, subliminal awareness. Hare is sometimes associated with willing sacrifice, appropriate for the religious significance of Easter. The instinct of Hare is toward the spiritual, represented by the fire, into which he will jump.
Remember the White Rabbit that Alice followed down the hole into an altered time and space experience that changed her life. Often Rabbit or Hare has a trickster aspect, like Brer Rabbit or Bugs Bunny. The Anglo-Saxon word for hare is hara, which is also a Hindu term referring to the power center in the lower body.
If it looks to you like the Moon is especially large, you are right. The Moon is at perigee, its closest approach to Earth, thus it does appear bigger than usual. This month, the Full Moon combines Sun sign Aries and Moon sign Libra.
Aries the Ram is the spring sign of new life, a fresh start. Sabian symbols give an image for each degree of the zodiac, like energy pictures. The Sabian symbol, suggesting an image for the Sun energy, emphasizes this sense of newness: A woman's hat, with streamers blown by the East Wind. Sounds like an Easter bonnet. East is the direction of new beginnings in Native American and other traditions.
Libra is the sign of the Scales, seeking balance, harmony and relationship.
The symbol for this Full Moon energy is: A fireplace blazes mysteriously in a deserted farmhouse. This suggests unexpected blessings and meetings choreographed by universal synchronicity, spiritual forces at work behind the scenes. What kind of story can you make up with those two images? Sometimes these Sabian symbols play out in life in literal ways. Wherever the Full Moon and Sun are aligned in your chart are where these mysterious forces are at work, where new developments are coming into your life.
A GRAND CROSS is made by the Sun and Moon crossing Jupiter and Chiron, an appropriate formation for this holiday. A cross is one of the most ancient symbols. It represents the grounding of spirit into matter, bringing Heaven to Earth.
JUPITER IN CANCER this year is reflecting the sensitivity, the generosity and kindness that has resulted from our national tragedy and our increased need for connecting with each other. Cancer seeks security, especially in home and family matters. Nurturing and growth-promoting, Jupiter in Cancer responds to the larger social need in a personal, caring way. It is as if we are pregnant with a growing need — for what? What are you feeling? You name it. Birth is imminent.
CHIRON IN CAPRICORN, on the opposite side of the sky, suggests that circumstances have changed and we cannot take things for granted. There is no going back to where we were before, which is what Cancer tends to try first. Chiron is a kind of minor planetoid that indicates thresholds and major passages. It brings up issues that need to be resolved or healed. Chiron takes 50 years to circle the Sun in its irregular orbit. It will take three years to move through Capricorn. This year is the first round — a big one.
The Greek teacher/healer Chiron reminds us that our reality is being reorganized. But by whom? Are you willing to take responsibility for your life? Government authority is taking charge like a runaway train. Pretend you are a potter (or a magical Harry Potter) at the wheel shaping the clay. This is a creative process. What new forms are needed in a time when we have outgrown the structures of the past? What is working in your life and what is not? This is the time to start moving forward again, into a future that we take moment by moment. The planets are lining up in increasingly potent combinations are we move on into the spring, remembering to enjoy.

Editor's note: St. John Star Lady Kelley Hunter is an internationally-known astrologer who tells stories in the stars under the tropical night sky. She is studying for a Ph.D. in world cosmologies. Contact her at 340-693-5839 or [email protected], for an astrology consultation, star-gazing schedule or to join her free email list. Check out her new website at www.heliastar.com.
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