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Dear Source:
Although I no longer live on St. Croix, I log on each day to keep in touch with my beloved home. A home that I still brag about to my children as warm, loving and yes, "America's Paradise". You see, this is because in my heart this is what it will always be, yet I know it is no longer. I read with foreboding each day the corruption, lack of concern or interest in our children's future that has now become St. Croix. Yes, we do need outside law enforcement. Yes, we do need the citizens' cooperation. Though we need all of this, without outside law enforcement and no cooperation from its citizens, St. Croix will continue to be corrupted by other avenues of loyalty to friends, family and politicians willing to grant favors. St. Croix needs an outside government with no biases to restore order and wipe corruption clean. It needs the citizens to be concerned enough to stand for nothing but the best. It needs businesses to grant jobs to the most qualified and steadfast workers. What St. Croix needs it to start thinking and acting for the good of many and not just for a few. The people of St. Croix need to really look around and ask themselves, is this what we want for our children? Our grandchildren? Because if you think things are bad now……..if nothing is done soon……….God help our future generations.
Juliette Niles
South Carolina

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