March 21, 2003 — The BLACK MOON has me by the throat this week. So that is what I am writing about. It's kind of like having a frog in my throat — transformational and mysterious. Miracles and the Black Madonna. Let¹s call her in now!
LILITH — the name conjures dangerous seductions and exotic nights. Her lover is the man-in-the-moon. Astronomically, the Black Moon Lilith is a point intimately connected to the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. Orbits are not perfect circles, but rather egg-shaped ellipses. (This was such a holy scandal when Kepler proved this mathematically a few short centuries ago. How could God make something not a perfect circle!?)
Life is not perfect, as we know. And our vision is limited. Humans only perceive a narrow band of light frequencies. Technology has stretched our eyesight into infrared and ultraviolet bands, into radio wave and microwave, X-ray and gamma ray frequencies. Still, there is a more subtle and pervasive level, an interconnected continuum.
Philosophers and scientists have, at times, called it aether. Our star bodies are made of this subtle weaving of the fifth element. Earth, air, fire and water all arise from this underlying element that the Egyptians knew as the infinite, the nothingness, the nowhere, and the dark.
Referring to the fiery sky, the Greek poet Homer mentioned aether as the celestial light of the upper atmosphere where the stars lived. This region contained a celestial clarity that caused things to be seen in their essence. In Hindu philosophy this aether, or space, was considered the primary and most subtly pervasive manifestation of the divine substance.
This aether may be the dark matter or dark energy that scientists are urgently seeking. Such invisible light has been experienced and known by mystics of all times. Shri Ram Chandra explains that:
Every saint has used the word light and that is the best expression for Reality. But when we talk of light the idea of luminosity becomes prominent and we begin to take it as glittering. The Real Light carries with it no such sense and may be represented as light without luminosity. It refers only to the real substance or, more appropriately, to substanceless substance, which is associated with neither light nor darkness but beyond both.
This is where Lilith lives — beyond light and darkness, beyond judgements and limited perspectives. She strips the soul right down to the heart. We need her eyes now.
During the FULL MOON on March 18, the MOON is in VIRGO and the SUN at the end of PISCES. At its best, this combination evokes the Great Goddess of Virgo, who manifests from the aetheric seas of Pisces into the world of form. Both are signs of service: Virgo in the daily tasks of life, Pisces on the level of prayer and compassion.
The Black Moon has two positions, true and mean. Both are relevant. The true is at 21 degrees Aries, a fire sign of action. The Sabian symbol image of this degree is:
We know who that is. Dane Rudhyar interprets, complete immolation of self in things purely physical. Intense self-assertiveness, physical and psychological.
The mean Black Moon is at 4 degrees Taurus, the most solid of earth signs. Taurus rules the throat — no wonder Lilith's got me by the throat speaking about her. The Sabian symbol is:
The leprechauns were around this week for St. Paddy¹s Day, you can be sure. Down here in the islands we had rainbow towers rising from the sea in the late afternoon. I saw several; one was photographed. It¹s a hopeful sign in a week of dreadful news. The pot of gold is not on the physical level. The pugilist might have trouble getting to it.
Imagine the wealth of spiritual resources at work on the subtle planes with such longing for peace going on around the globe. It takes the eyes of the heart and soul to see at this subtle frequency. Let¹s keep imagining. It's a great service to keep our attention on the rainbow, to hold the light in the apparent darkness.

Editor's note: Astrologer Kelley Hunter is a resident of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights and teaches with Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort. She is finishing her Ph.D. in cosmology and myth, and writing on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine. Check out her Web site: www.heliastar.com. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write her at [email protected].
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