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Senator Renee meets with 2003, St. Croix Farmer of the Year
April 4, 2003 – Senator Luther Renee, met with the St. Croix Farmer of the Year, for 2003 Aberra Bulbulla. The Senator toured the 4-acre farm, with over 20 varieties of fruit and ornamental plants. During the tour Senator Renee asked the Farmer of the Year his view about agriculture on St. Croix.
Mr. Bulbulla voiced strong support of developing sustainable agriculture on St. Croix. He stated, "It seems as if we have forgotten about agriculture. No one takes it seriously, but agriculture needs to be to developed and tie agriculture and tourism. In order to do so, we must address the land and water use plan. Without a comprehensive plan, we cannot tie the two together"
Senator Renee explained, "I am presently developing legislation, to address the needs of the farmers and fishermen. Agriculture and fishing are an untapped resource that could give St. Croix the identity it needs, in order for us to market the island. Other Caribbean Islands integrate agriculture and tourism, likewise in the mainland. Once this legislation goes through the process, it is incumbent upon us, to develop an Agriculture and Fishing Industry."
"Unfortunately, some individuals are blind to the importance of growing food and the impact fishing would have in the community. Not only would we be healthier, but also we will have work for people. The need to bring agriculture into the classrooms is a must. We should start teaching agriculture to our kindergarten students, but the key is to remain consistent. If an agriculture program could be bring in the elementary schools, and be with the students through junior high school, high school and then have an agricultural program at the University of the Virgin Islands, then we can make headway." The Senator continued.
"We are presently in the middle of a drought, in which rainfall is not significant enough to fill the aquifer and water tables around St. Croix. I am presently seeking remedies or to the very least, relieve the farmers of these dry spells. The possibilities are very real to address the lack of water for farming, only no one has truly advocated for the farmers before now. I am and will continue to be a very vocal, activist for the development of a comprehensive agriculture and fishing industry," Senator Renee concluded.


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