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Senator Renee, "We have to get the Airlines back to St. Croix"
Frederiksted, St. Croix-
On the heels of the Virgin Islands Port Authority Board's vote to rescind the 13 month old, increase of airline landing fees, Senator Luther F. Renee, chairman of the Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, is pushing for the return of the airlines to St. Croix
Senator Renee stated, "Although it took over a year and created an atmosphere of worry and possible desperation amongst those in the tourist industry, the announcement of the rescinding of airline landing fee increase is good new for St. Croix. However, now is the time, for all the parties to come together, and put forth an intensive campaign to get the airlines to return."
"At the same time, the Executive Branch has to move post haste on taking comprehensive measures, to correct the problems at the Anguilla Dump and with the waste water system. The completion of the Christiansted Boardwalk and with the start of the Frederiksted project in approximately a month, this will serve as the momentum needed to revive the economy of St. Croix."
"The airlines have told us, that the landing fees is one factors that led them reducing service or leaving the territory all together. Commissioner Pam Richards and the members of the Port Authority Board must be commended for the vote. Now we have to re-establish relationships with the airline industry and commence the capital projects that will not only make St. Croix a viable destination, but it will create jobs and increase the circulation of money in the community." Senator Renee concluded.


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