Dear Source,
It is clear to me that Gov. Turnbull's proposal for Fiscal Year 2004, which calls for reducing the income in light of the increase in poverty levels, says that the governor does not have the people's interest at heart. He also has no motivation to hear the people, since this is his last term in office. And to add injury to insult, he threatens the Senate!
What happened to the checks and balances of the judicial, legislative and executive branches? Gov. Turnbull proposes a two-way tax of the people by reducing the hours during the work week by 10 percent, then in addition to that, requiring another 10 percent of what they do take home. Not only that, but there is no proposal to reduce the excessive spending that is already in place.
The list of excessive spending is long, and not too long ago six bodyguards were added to the list of fat that need to be trimmed — no doubt in expectation of the public outcry and backlash. Mr. Melchior (V.I. Daily News publisher/columnist) said it well: that it should definitely start with the Legislature, but what about cutting department budgets? Is it just revenue being sought after to offset this deficit? Revenue that is coming from the backs of those who have worked hard all year? I understand that increasing taxes may be necessary, but there should be adequate cuts first before increasing taxes is proposed.
What about realigning our focus to ensure that our children are getting the proper education, and the poor and sick are getting food and health? What about ensuring that the only economic stability (tourism) is maintained, by purchasing the Lindqvist Beach, before the whole island becomes to be a concrete jungle? What about getting proper guidance from knowledgeable experts on the mainland who can get the Police Department and Fire Service the equipment they really need?
Cut the cars and the salaries of the heavy hitters. I bet if the salaries of these elected offices were cut 50 percent, we would have a great deal less interested parties running for governor and senator. You also could forget the bodyguards, because now the governor would have the people's interest at heart.
Clearly, we are well beyond that now. Get the governor out before it's too late. Make Gov. Turnbull run the race just like Gov. Gray Davis is doing in California. What you need is a recall election! Oust Gov. Turnbull! Forget about ousting Stridiron for running off at the mouth. Citizens need to oust the governor. Demand that he be removed! Then open new elections with anyone that can afford $3,500 and 65 petitioners.
We need to remind the politicians that they are public servants! This is not an autocracy or a monarchy! They can't just take food from your children's table to fund their limousines, SUV's, big salaries and bodyguards! Consider what's happening and react! React with outrage!
Anna M. Watley
Born here St. Thomas, residing in Washington, D.C.

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