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Senator Celestino A. White, Sr., has written to the Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Veteran Affairs, Senator Norman Jn Baptiste, requesting that he convene a committee meeting at his earliest convenience to take testimony regarding the current status of the Veteran housing campus located at the site of the old Virgin Islands Hotel.
The Virgin Islands Community Housing Limited Partnership, which was approved to acquire, construct, own, manage and operate the one hundred and sixty-two unit affordable Veteran housing is requesting to return the partnership allocation of the 2002 Tax Credits and asking the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority to make available the same amount of Tax Credits in 2004. The 2002 Tax Credits is scheduled to expire in 2004 if a substantial amount of the units are not completed.
Senator White has indicated that many questions and concerns have been raised regarding the Limited Partnership, their ability to finance the project and their commitment to keeping the many promises to Veterans of this Territory.
In the past, according to Senator White, too many broken promises have been made to the Veterans of this Territory and I will not sit idly by and allow their sacrifices to be in vain or to have valuable Tax Credits lost because of inadequate over-sight.


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