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Writer Says Other Issues More Important Than Voting


Dear Source,
It is somewhat amusing and bewildering to observe how this V.I. resident is so eager to get Virgin Islanders the right to vote in a presidential election, when Virgin Islanders can't even elect competent senators and governors.
Why would anyone give us the right to vote for president when we screw up our own government by voting in people who harm the territory?
We have a fundamental obligation to take care of issues at home before we decide to address issues outside the Virgin Islands. If he wants to vote so badly, he could move to one of the 50 states and exercise his right. Why is he doing this to himself? This will take decades to get accomplished.
Will he starve himself to death and then what? When he is dead will he know if he got his purpose across or not? This is not worth the sacrifice. Why isn't he fasting for a more grave purpose, like getting more economic help for St. Croix, or more intervention from the local government to stop the violence in the Virgin Islands, or starve himself for the governor to rescind the tremendous raises he gave himself, the senators, commissioners and other government workers? Or to cut the debt of the V.I. budget so the government wouldn't be strapped for cash every month.
How about hunger striking for funding of programs for young people, summer jobs, after school activities, etc? What about education? If it can’t get the attention it needs, can our children get the resources they deserve, better teachers, better educational environment? Can our police get better training to better interact with the public, instead of killing off all the young men?
Take care of our needs first Mr. Browne, pay attention to the Virgin Islands.

Cleone Brandy
St. Croix and

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