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Tax Issue, Other Ills Must Be Addressed, Not Ignored


Dear Source,
The New Millionaires report is a very important story that is happening all across the nation. I see it particularly here where I reside in the District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia area. It seems that not only are we contending with the racial issue, as it has been since the beginning of time, but we also are faced now with a class issue as well. (Refer to the recent St. Thomas Source article "Armed Guards, Barbed Wire Fence Block Beach Path".)
Some homeowners will be now be locked out on both accounts. A St. Thomas-born current stateside resident and voter I just recently returned from St. Thomas from our family reunion. It saddens me to see what I feel is the apathy of some of our citizens and the neglect of our chosen government representatives idly watching our resources and gains that were hard earned by our ancestors being gobbled up by those with the most fistful of dollars and the least amount of care and concern for the cultural heritage of the Virgin Islands.
Lorna Richardson
Washington, D.C., area

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