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Guardian Angels Could Help Reclaim Youth, Families


Dear Source,
I would like to express my personal delight in having the Guardian Angels visit St. Croix. Establishment of a St. Croix Chapter of the Guardian Angels could do much in progressing the efforts of this community in our fight against the plague of rising crime that has been effecting each and every one of us. This plague has detrimentally affected us socially, financially, physically and spiritually.
We have lost far too many of our youth to violence, from either death or the lives of those involved being ruined beyond repair. Families destroyed, loved ones knowing incomparable grief, souls and spirits damaged in irreparable ways. And so very much of it absolutely unnecessary and avoidable.
It is time for each of us to collectively come together and take back this land and style of life that we love. We've all grown very weary of being prisoners in our own homes. Weary of inconveniencing ourselves because of security concerns. Weary of not having the freedom to socialize and visit….of participating in entertainment events for fear of potential violence…..fear of sending our children out to school each morning. These are all fears that we didn't have not so many years ago, fears that have developed due to this epidemic of a crime ridden society.
The Guardian Angels can assist us in making peace and security a reality. They have "been there and done that" and can share with us the tried and true methods of taking back our community.
Why should we put forth the energy to reinvent the wheel, when we have the inventors right here on our shores? Our energy could be much better used in our fight against this societal monster called "crime."
The Guardian Angels are more than willing to share the processes, that experience has proven will work, for us to reclaim our land. I am asking all of my friends, neighbors, acquaintances and associates for us to join together and take advantage of this opportunity that has been given us in the form of the Guardian Angels. If not for us, then for our youth. We can make it a better life for them, and utilizing the programs of the Guardian Angels gives us a fine tool to work with in making it so.
Bridget L. Cox-Dawson
St. Croix

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