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Secession: Crucians Have Suffered Too Long


Dear Source,
Why not? Give St. Croix its own government. It was proven that the people were not happy by the representation of their senators, so let the people of St. Croix, the bigger and (I feel) more profitable of all three islands, have their own government.
It is about time Crucians woke up and understood that there needs to be some change in the governing of issues that affect them. I believe in the residents of St. Croix, I believe that they are strong, influential, intelligent, vivacious people. They can govern their own affairs, they can help each other.
I will never forget about one year ago, I came back home to visit my family. I took a sea plane from St. Thomas to St. Croix. There were four cruise ships docked at the St. Thomas harbor and NONE, I said NONE, at St. Croix. Now is that fair, is that giving the Crucians a fair slice of the pie? Really it shouldn't be this way, but the people have suffered too long.
St. Croix massive, do your thing.
Cleone Brady
Born and raised in St. Croix
Residing in Connecticut

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