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More on WICO: Crucian Rain Redux


I would like to add to Daniel F. Coughlin's comments regarding WICO.
FACT: WICO is in the business of making money.
FACT: WICO is located on St. Thomas.
FACT: WICO only makes money if the cruise ships go to St. Thomas.
FACT: WICO does not make money if the ships come to St. Croix.
FACT: WICO was all for the Crown Bay project when they thought they would be allowed to manage it.
FACT: WICO opposed the Crown Bay project when V.I. Port Authority decided to run the facility themselves.
FACT: WICO does not try to bring cruise ships to St. Croix; if they did WICO would not make money.
FACT: WICO does not represent the interests of St. Croix, only the interests of WICO.
FACT: WICO only donates to St. Croix organizations in order to quiet the masses.
FACT: It is time for St. Croix to get its own version of WICO.
FACT: It is time for the St. Croix Senators to unite and help St. Croix bring back the cruise ships.
My fellow Crucians, it is time to wake up and smell what WICO is sending our way, and it is not coffee or cruise ships.
Edwin Torres
St. Croix

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