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FYI: Malone States Position on Legislative Formation


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Senator Shawn-Michael Malone issued the following statement on his position regarding the formation of the 26th Legislature

"I will not allow my position relative to the selection of the President of the Legislature to make me a scapegoat to fulfill a personal political agenda. I view this as an attempt to continue the smear campaign against me asserting that I am against persons from other parts of the Eastern Caribbean; and nothing can be further from the truth. Let it be made abundantly clear that I am not against or possess any disdain for anyone from other parts of the Eastern Caribbean. I am, however, ready to work hand in hand with all individuals who are willing to put the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands first.
The attempt to place my opposition to Hill's presidency on his place of birth is a red herring design to divert attention from the behind the scene orchestration of some party leaders which was done without the involvement of certain selected Senators including myself.
I decline to support a Louis Hill Presidency not because of where he is from but because I do not have the confidence in his leadership as a result of both his and Senator-elect Neville James', adamant refusal to serve in a Democratic Majority with Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, Jr. who was elected on the same ticket. I also do not support a Hill presidency because he is divisive and will only foster more disunity among members of the Party, Senate and wider community. Furthermore, the issues of trust and experience, not place of origin, make Senator Lorraine Berry's Presidency far more attractive to me at this critical time.
I am convinced that Senator Lorraine Berry's experience and proven political leadership are overpowering prerequisites to lead the 26th Legislature that far exceeds the abilities of any other person vying for the presidency. Senator Berry's twenty-two years of continuous service in the Legislature speak for themselves and strongly supports the position I am taking."


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