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Bahá'í Community Releases Activities for December


Dec. 6, 2004 –
Devotional gatherings to say prayers and read from the Writings of many Faiths are held weekly on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.
On St. Thomas, they are held on Sundays: December 12th, 10am, at the National Park Dock on the East End (643-5059); December 19th, 7pm, Devotions & Dessert at the Berry home (776-7024); December 26th, 10am, Devotions & Pot-Luck Breakfast at the Harmer home (776-2029).
On St. John, devotional gatherings are held at 7:30pm on alternate Wednesday and Friday evenings: Wednesday, December 8th & 22nd, at the Smith home (776-6254), and Friday, December 17th & 31st, at the Scimeca home (776-6316).
On St. Croix, devotional gatherings are held every Sunday at 9:30am at the Covey home (773-2376).
All are warmly invited to attend and participate.
All children age 6 and older are welcome to attend the Bahá'í children's classes held weekly at the Bahá'í National Center, 129 Est. Contant, on St. Thomas. For information, and to register, call Julie Armbruster at 776-0488.
If you would like to join a group to study the Bahá'í Writings, call Judi Bryant (643-5059) for information about a study group in your area.
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