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Notice to Delinquent Real Property Owners [St. Thomas(24)]


Dec. 7, 2004 – In accordance with Title 33, Section 2496(as amended) Virgin Islands Code, notice is hereby given to the following delinquent real property owners that this publication is deemed as notice to all taxpayers of the impending sale of the real property at public auction, unless such delinquent taxes and public sewer system user fees, together with the interest provided for by Section 2494 of this title, are paid within a period of (30) thirty days from the publication date of the said notice, the property of the taxpayer will be attached and sold in the manner provided in this subtitle. If you find this information to be incorrect, please come into the Department of Finance with copies of your paid bills. [St. Thomas (24)]
Here is where you'll find the most recent listing of delinquent real property owners. [St. Thomas(24)]


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