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Students Bring Color to Frederiksted


Dec. 13, 2004 – The Good Hope School Art Department was offered by the Frederiksted Economic Development Association an opportunity to paint a festive mural of St. Croix in front of Pier 69 in Frederiksted. There were six students artists involved in this mural painting under the leadership of the Good Hope School Art Department Director, Phyllis Biddle. The Good Hope artists were encouraged throughout the day by residence and visitors passing by.
"They had positive comments about the mural. They thought it was wonderful, creative, and an inspiration to the citizens of St. Croix. One Taxi driver even thanked us." a student reported.
The students took their mural inspirations from images of Caribbean carnivals. The paintings consist of various types of dancers concerning the moko jumbi, women in festival costumes, and troupes of the local island. The students unanimously agreed that the hardest part of painting the mural was getting the correct proportions, but overall agreed it was a wonderful experience and they were glad to give back to the community.
The owner of Pier 69 and member of FEDA, Unise Tranberg, said that FEDA contacted Good Hope School to assist with the beautification of Frederiksted for the tourist season. "Fredericksted is in need of a big remodeling job. We will try our best to get other schools involved in redecorating the town of Frederiksted," said Tranberg in reference to questions about future FEDA revitalization plans involving schools. Pier 69 donated drinks and food to the Good Hope artists during their day of painting.
Art students involved were Issa Ashwash, Andrea Finch, Akeem Richards, Kirsten Becker, Ryan Mault, Robin Franks, and Kimberly Alleyne.

This release was written and submitted by students from the Good Hope School Computer Skills Course.


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