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Legislature Meetings Soon to Be Heard Around the Globe Via the Net


Dec. 14, 2004 — The Virgin Islands non-commercial radio station WIUJ (102-9), which routinely broadcasts hearings and meetings of the V.I. Legislature, will soon be broadcasting those meetings across the Internet, and therefore the world.
Leo Morone, general manager of WIUJ, announced this week that beginning in January streaming audio will be available on the station's Web site.
"The whole world will be able to hear what's going on," Morone said Tuesday afternoon.
Moron said the new Web slte is just about completed and the live audio streaming will start soon after Jan. 1.
"We have advanced the technology of this commercial-free radio station over the years and are now proud to announce this new service," Morone said, adding, *From our days of carrying the Senate hearings live, many years for free, to these days of modem technology where we will make the happenings In government here at home available around the world, WIUJ is on cutting edge of technology."
WIUJ, a noncommercial radio station at 102.9 FM, is headquartered on St. Thomas and covers the United States and British Virgin Islands and eastern Puerto Rico, according to a release from Morone.
The Web site can be found at www.wiuj.com.


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