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Time for Citizens to Call for Special Session


Dear Source,
In response to former prosecutor Janosko's concern for the justice and well-being of our domestic violence victims and the animal protection rights bills, please consider the following. Senator Berry and another seven senators did have enough votes an override to hold a session but recently this could not hold. An override requires 10 or more votes for it to succeed. This is where the public comes in. Call or fax Sen. Renee (693-3042 or fax 693-3633), Sen. David (693-3513 or fax 693-3631), Hansen (693-3527 or fax 693-3641), Hill (693-3616 or fax 693-3635), Liburd (693-3546 or 693-3639), and Russell (693-3042 or fax 693-3633) to force Sen. Jones (693-3506 or fax 693-3638) to give into a session. I also ask the humane society and the domestic violence coalitions and others, request a police permit, to peacefully protest on the day of the session. Demand action from your representatives and see which ones believe in the protection of victims and why they might not support the measure they first voted for. Is politics more important than issues?
The other veto items concerning school vandalism, the V.I. supreme court, financial services bills and the horseman association lease should also be considered before the term ends. I would request and beg that the rezoning for the Bovoni tire machine for the health and well-being of our residents be placed on the agenda for a vote. It is amazing that after a child has died because of a mosquito-borne illness, the rezoning-happy legislature will not call a hearing. However, when a commercial activity needs a rezoning, it is put on a fast track.
Acting Governor Richards, it is now time to act if the legislature will not. Can we afford another death, whether it will be human or animal?
Jason Budsan
St. Thomas

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