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Are We Ever Going to Be Able to See Around the Corner Again?


Dec. 17, 2004 — We can't say for sure, but it seems like every intersection mirror, placed at places where visibility is poor to non-existent, is broken – and has been for weeks, if not months.
When is the Public Works Department going to replace them?
And while on the subject of visibility at intersections, can someone please explain to me why there are bushes planted (actually planted) at intersections, like where the bypass going left toward Tutu Park Mall from Smith Bay Road intersects with the Weymouth Rhymer Highway. There is a lovely bush planted on the triangular island, so you cannot see any of the traffic coming from the right.
One would think we have enough problems with bush that grows out of control on its own, without planting pretty foliage in places that obstruct vision.
I am the last person who wants to see any kind of growing thing destroyed, but that includes people in cars.
Let's get the mirrors fixed and think ahead on what a grown-up bush will do to visibility, before it gets planted.

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