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WAPA Holding the Line on Debt on Backs of Ratepayers


Dear Source,
WAPA is doing a wonderful job holding the line on debt, via my escalating monthly WAPA bill!
Over the course of the past five months, my monthly bill has increased $75 with the receipt of my most recent billing cycle. This is ludicrous! As my bill has steadily increased, my usage has steadily decreased. Something is wrong with this picture!
The quality of service historically received from this utility has always been less than desirable, and at some times downright destructive. I have personally suffered financial loss due to low incoming voltage. Subscribers beware! While surge suppressors and power strips protect appliances and electronics from the damage incurred from voltage spikes and surges, these same protective devices are unable to protect from the damage incurred from fluctuations in power on the low side. Microwaves, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, televisions – I have replaced all in the past six months due to damage received from low quality and consistency of power supply from WAPA. Drops in voltage are just as damaging at times, as are surges. The end result is the same – electronics that are rendered inoperable.
While it is admirable that the Power Authority is becoming more financially responsible, it cannot be done on the back of the consumers that have had nothing to do with the financial mismanagement that has led to the Authority's fiscal challenges. The PSC would do well to deny any further increase in rates for this utility. The quality of service is sub-par, the rate increases are less than justified, and when compared to industry standards we in the Virgin Islands are being charged way above the industry norm.
Bridget Cox-Dawson
St. Croix, USVI

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